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JSC OPTEC is instrument-making enterprise. OPTEC manufactures gas analytical instruments. OPTEC was found in 1989. Branches of activity - Gas analyzers for ambient air monitoring - Gas analyzers for working area monitoring - Gas analyzers for emissions monitoring - Gas analyzers for process monitoring - Gas analyzers for automotive exhaust monitoring - Combustion optimizers - Ambient air quality systems - Gas sampling devices (aspirators) - Dust meters OPTEC has 1200 sq. m of industrial, laboratory and office area in Vasileostrovski region of Saint-Petersburg. There are 45 men in the fixed staff of company. The doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and senior lecturers of Saint-Petersburg university, institute of precise mechanics and optics are among them. At present OPTEC is the recognized leader in Russia in field of instruments manufacturing for background atmospheric monitoring as well as chemiluminescent sensors for scientific and industrial applications. Some of the OPTEC gas analyzers (ozone, nitric and sulphur oxides analyzers) exceed in specifications the analogous known instruments. JSC OPTEC, block G, 47, Gavanskaya st., S.-Petersburg, Russia, 199406 Phone: 007 (812) 325-55-67 fax: 007 (812) 351 7434 e-mail :

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