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SENC-OPTIC ltd is Russian enterprise founded in 2008. SENS-OPTIC delivers analytical equipment made in Russia and abroad for applications in different branches of industry, ecology and for scientific research.
SENS-OPTIC purposes are supplement of modern high quality analytical equipment to customers in Russia and abroad, mastering of advanced technologies in Russian instrument-making industry, combination of Russian and foreign manufacturers achievements, development of instruments corresponding with Russian and foreign markets demands.
Gas analyzers, water analyzers, sampling conditioning units, sampling devices, dust meters, meteorological instruments and other equipment are among SENS-OPTIC products. SENS-OPTIC represents some foreign corporations in Russia and CIF territory. The choice of SENS-OPTIC as distributor is not casual, since it has necessary potential and experience in delivery of complicated products, start-up operations, training of personnel, technical support and service, certification in Russia. Close contacts with partners allow us to process customers inquiries effectively, and high developed logistic schemes allow us to deliver the goods from abroad in short terms.

SENS-OPTIC possesses necessary staff of high quality experts and technicians, which study analytical tasks of customers and suggest different variants of analytical systems. It means not only sale, but valuable solution of customers problems.

All delivered instruments have necessary certificates. Measuring instruments are verified by Gosstandart Russia prior shipment to customers.
Warranty for period not less one year is stipulated.

SENS-OPTIC is carried out start-up and mounting operations for equipments have been delivered, provide service and annual verification according to customers requests.

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Letter A, 58, Maly pr. V.O., Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 199178
Phone/fax: 007 (812) 329 26 88
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