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Principles of SENC-OPTIC distribution

1. For Russian and foreign enterprises.

  • Joint Russia-USA venture
  • Has operated in Russian market of analytical equipment from 1996.
  • Has had successful experience of trade in the field of high tech facility
  • Has had necessary staff of employments
  • Has had own service department
  • Has had experience of foreign companies distribution in Russian market
  • Has had experience in logistic
  • Has had experience in certification of foreign instruments in Russia
  • Has had experience in maintenance and state verification of measuring instruments

For foreign companies (vendors) those would like to deliver their products on Russian market and former USSR market: SENC-OPTIC is ready to provide all potential customers by information about foreign company and it products, to make promotion regularly according to own adverting schedule.

SENC-OPTIC adverting schedule includes information in Web site, in SENC-OPTIC catalogue, and also taking part in expo, fairs, seminars and presentations.

SENC-OPTIC politics in distribution, relation system with foreign company are based on mutual understanding and absolute transparency.

Foreign companies (vendors) can invest the means in some actions according to agreed with SENC-OPTIC program for promotion, certification or other purposes.

SENC-OPTIC would like to be an exclusive distributor of vendor, but it is not obligatory factor, since vendor is free to choose the partners – one or several.

Vendor re-sends inquiries from Russia to SENC-OPTIC and SENC-OPTIC informs the vendor about activity in promotion and trade.

Vendor informs SENC-OPTIC in time about modifications in products specifications, nomenclature, price and about news. Vendor provides SENC-OPTIC by certificates, test records and other documents concerning the products.

Vendor put the information about SENC-OPTIC in Web site and advertising materials as about distributor in Russia (CIF).

SENC-OPTIC is not oriented for constant financing from vendor. SENC-OPTIC profit is based on trade of vendor products.

For Russian companies and companies from CIF territory those would like to buy high quality equipment made in foreign companies SENC-OPTIC provides the following services:

  • Full information about the goods, specifications, features and area of application
  • Qualified selection of facility and set of delivery according to customer analytical task
  • Order of equipment, providing of customs clearance and delivery to customer
  • Certification and verification of goods
  • Start-up procedure and training of personnel
  • Warranty and after warranty service

Foreign company (vendor) gets the possibility to come to Russian market via SENC-OPTIC and achieve sale growth without big financial support. Russian enterprise gets the access to modern high quality equipment made in out of Russia via SENC-OPTIC.

SENC-OPTIC has prestige in Russian market due to years of successful and faultless activity.

2. Products of companies - competitors.

SENC-OPTIC tries to avoid the cooperation with companies-competitors. SENC-OPTIC is oriented for one partner in separate area.

In spite of this SENC-OPTIC is sure that each high quality goods has own place in market. As advanced seller SENC-OPTIC offers wide range of goods and services in filed of high tech and scientific products. Buyer has option of choice among the high quality goods and decide himself what product is better for him. SENC-OPTIC provides him by full information, consultations and support.

3. Distributor advantages.

SENC-OPTIC as distributor obtains from vendor authorization documents and technical support (consultations, training for personnel, technical literature, prices and so on).

Vender provides SENC-OPTIC by information concerning technical features needed for warranty and after warranty service, terms of warranty on the territory of Russia and CIF is agreed between vendor and SENC-OPTIC.

All manufacture’s warranty obligations are valid for products delivered by SENC-OPTIC as official distributor.

And only authorized distributor is able to deliver the products of high quality with necessary set of delivery and full warranty.

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