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Delivery terms : Export

ESM ORTES exports the goods outside Russia on the base of export contracts according to Incoterms-2000 conditions.

All stipulated documents are issued for export shipment: cargo declaration, invoice, consignment note, packing list, certificate of origin (if it is specified in contract).

The goods are shipped in agreed way (mail, air shipment, courier service or other ways).

Delivery period depends on type and number of goods was ordered, presence in stock, delivery period have been chosen.
Delivery period lasts from 30 to 90 days as a rule. It starts from the moment of advanced payment receiving in the bank account of ESM ORTES.

Terms of payment are agreed by sides preliminary. As a rule ESM ORTES exports the goods based on total up-front payment.
Currency of payment: Russian roubles or US dollars.

Typical draft of export contract

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