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Services : Start up and mounting

ESM ORTES provides start-up and mounting in the site according to customer’s request. Start-up and mounting are available for equipment delivered by ESM ORTES only.

Start-up works include:

  • Trip of technicians to the site;
  • Equipment connections;
  • Initial start, testing;
  • Training of personnel.

Following works in site are not included in start-up mentioned above: project development; welding, maintenance man work, loading-downloading. These items are available according to additional agreement.

Mounting includes installation, assembly of gas and electrical schemes, hook up of all elements of analytical system has been delivered.

External professional companies are involved by ESM ORTES as sub-contractors in start-up and mounting if necessary. These companies have licenses in field of application if it is required by legislation.

Designer companies are involved by ESM ORTES in case if design development is necessary.

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