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Services : Service maintenance and verification

ESM ORTES provides service and repair of domestic and imported equipment according to customers applications.

Equipment must be delivered to ESM ORTES works area for repair as a rule. Trip of ESM ORTES technicians to customer site is possible in some cases. State verification in Gosstandart department is provided after service (repair). Primary verification is carried out for new instruments delivered by ESM ORTES.

Shipment of instruments for service can be carried out by in any available way (by courier, by mail, by carrier and so on).

You can put your application for service and verification in our site in section electronic application (available in Russian version only) or send it by fax or e-mail. We will inform you about possibility of service as soon as your application will be reviewed.

ESM ORTES activity concerning service and repair of instruments is carried out according to state license and authorizations from vendors.

Warranty for components were replaced and for works were executed is provided after the service.

Price list for service and verification is available according to request.

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