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About : Structure

SENC-OPTIC structure corresponds with company purposes: supplement of modern high quality analytical equipment to customers in Russia and abroad, mastering of advanced technologies in Russian instrument-making industry, combination of achievements of Russian and foreign manufacturers, development of instruments corresponding with Russian and foreign markets demands.

Following departments are in SENC-OPTIC structure:

  • Managing department is responsible for common coordination of company activity, managing of other departments operation.
  • Expert department is responsible for selection of suitable analytical equipment based on analysis of customer’s calls and inquiries, develops analytical systems to solve analytical tasks of customers.
  • Research department carries out applied investigations in different branches of science and technique focusing to development of new measuring methods and instruments.
  • Analytical instrument-making department is occupied by development and small serial production of analytical equipment. Assembling workmanship, test laboratory, constructors and programmers groups are in department structure.
  • Marketing department is to be in charge of ESM ORTES goods and services promotion.
  • Start-up department is responsible for equipment installation in customer’s sites.
  • Service department carries out repair and technical support for instruments have been delivered by ESM ORTES.
  • Metrology department is responsible for calibration and state verification of measuring instruments.

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