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Services : Supplement of components

ESM ORTES delivers the components of instruments and analytical systems according to catalogues of different companies-suppliers and manufacturers.

The list of some components is specified below:

Type of component (functional block) Components (functional blocks)
Primary measuring unit Electrochemical sensors
Optical modules (benches)
Chemiluminescent sensors
Gas pumps1030001 , 1030048 , LM-15 , LM-22 , 70100029 and others, including Thomas catalogue
Power supplies, electronic, micro processors Low and high voltage power supplies, controller blocks, amplifiers, ADC and DAC blocks (converters analog-digital)
Gas channels commutation elementsPneumovalves
Connecting tubing
Sampling conditioning elements and instruments for parameters monitoringFilters
Temperature sensors (thermo couples)
Gas flow meters and indicators (rotameters)
Built-in calibrators (sources of calibration gases) permeation tubes in containers from gas analyzers 310 and 320 series.
Photo chemical calibrator from gas analyzers 3.02 P series.
Instrument cases19 " and 1/2 19" types (Euro mechanics) and other
Optical elementsFrom Ocean Optics catalogue

You can put the order for items you are interested in or request offer in section “Electronic application” (available on Russian only). You can send your request by fax or e-mail on English.

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