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Delivery terms : Warranty obligations

ESM ORTES provides the warranty for delivered goods and service.
Warranty period is established for each kind of goods and lasts not less 12 months as a rule for new goods.
ESM ORTES guarantees that the commodity is made of the best materials with first class workmanship and complies in all respects with the quality and specifications have been stipulated.
The guarantee period starts from the date of goods delivery.
The claims concerning non-conformity of the goods with respect to quality or quantity shall be presented within 15 days of goods receipt from the Carrier.
Any defect which is not reasonably apparent on inspection shall be claimed by the Buyer to the Seller within 10 days of the date of defect detection but in any event within guarantee period.
Any claim shall be submitted in the written form. The claim shall include a type and a serial number of the Goods, detailed description of its failures and necessary maintenance.
Repair of the Goods shall be carried out at the ESM ORTES area. However, in certain cases information on maintenance and repair may be presented to the customer by means of operative telecommunication.
The defect Goods to be returned shall be properly packaged and sent with prepaid transport expenses.
If it is found that the quality and quantity of the Goods do not comply with the present Contract, ESM ORTES shall, upon his choice, replace the defective goods by the similar one or repair it.
Delivery of the repaired goods to ESM ORTES shall be at the customer expense and based on the terms fixed for the originally delivered goods.
The claims shall not be accepted in case they were announced with violation of periods established above and also in case there was any damage of the Goods after the date of its delivery, as well as if defects arose due to its improper operation, use of the Goods for any other purpose, its dismantling, improvements, alterations or any other actions performed over the Goods by any person rather than ESM ORTES. In these cases the customer shall pay all the repair and transport expenses.

Complete version of warranty conditions is available in Russian version of Web-site.

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